Water Drainage Systems

Pivot Master Floating Roof Drain Systems

The Pivot Master was designed to innovatively provide a better solution to floating roof drainage problems. It combines both the flexibility of composite and hose systems with the strength found in rigid pipe/swivel join systems. The pivot Master is basically a steel pipe drain system with flexible joints that withstand an extremely wide range of service conditions.

Advantages of the Pivot Master compared to Swivel Joint Systems:

  • Straight-line design – no offsets to cause unbalanced loading
  • No O-rings, bearings or seals
  • No moving parts to lubricate
  • Designed for submerged service
  • No flow restrictions
  • Load Stresses transferred across joint, not through it
  • Easy installation

Advantages of Pivot Master Compared to Hose Drain Systems:

  • Continuous slope design – no sediment traps
  • Small operating area – no tank layout required, minimizing downtime
  • Fixed position – no damage due to interference
  • 100% aromatic resistant components
  • Higher design pressure
  • No kinking or collapsing
  • No dragging or scraping action across tank bottom
  • No ballasting needed

Other Advantages of the Pivot Master Drain System:

  • Ease of design and installation
  • No measuring of roof legs and other internals required prior to design
  • Immediate delivery of system components, reducing tank downtime
  • Minimal field welding required for system installation
  • No piping runs required on underside of floating roof
  • Pivot Master flexible joints can be used for internal floating suctions
  • Pivot Master Roof Drain Systems can be designed for dual use Fire Fighting Foam Delivery Systems

Pivot Master flexible joints are attached to Schedule 40 carbon steel piping to provide a rigid, maintenance-free drain system. Piping diameters of 3″ through 10″ are readily available from stock.

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