Emission/Vapor Loss Calculation

Legal Requirements for Emission Control fo AST Storing Hydrocarbons.

Both Europe and USA have issued minimum requirements of emission control measures that must be met and comply to the Directive 94/63 CE Europe and Regulation 8, Rules 5 – Storage of Organic Liquids USA.

“Requirements for Approved Emission Control Systems: An approved ECS must be gas tight. It must also provide an Abatement Efficiency of at least 95% by weight.”

Abatement Efficiency:

A comparison of controlled emissions to those emissions which would occur from a fixed or cone roof tank in the same product service without an approved emission control system, expressed as a percentage. Baseline emissions shall be calculated using the criteria in API Bulletin (2517-2519)

Approved Emission Control System:

A system for reducing emissions to the atmosphere that consists of a collection system and an abatement device, which is approved in writing by the APCO (Air pollution control office) and achieves the overall abatement efficiency specified in the applicable standards section.