One Supplier – One Responsibility

Founded in 1988, Qualitech has since developed into a company specializing in inspection and maintenance of above ground storage tanks mainly for storing petroleum products. A dedicated team of employees work to provide excellence, safety and quality of innovative storage tank solutions and technology, products and services.

Company Vision

Implementing innovating Products & Services in Storage Tanks of Petroleum products that will:

  1. Upgrade the Safety of Operation,
  2. Minimize maintenance costs.
  3. Improve the protection of the environment.

Company Services

Products supplied by Qualitech:

• Geodesic Domes

• Liquid tight membranes under tank bottoms (Release Prevention Barrier)

• Primary and secondary seals for external and internal floating roofs

• Complete full contact internal floating roofs (aluminum & GRP)

• Water drainage systems for external floating roofs

• Special seal types (e.g. guide pole seals and roof leg seals)

Field Services:

• Installation, supervision and management of all the above products

• Jacking and relocation of storage tanks

• Repair of storage tanks and tank foundations

Engineering, Inspection & Consultation Services:

• Comprehensive API-653 inspection and suitability for service evaluation report (in Service and out of service)

• Emission/Vapor Loss Calculation report as per API manual of petroleum measurement standards, chapter 19.1 & 19.2

• Alternative Storage Solutions Study of existing emission control devices for a given tank, in order to improve abatement efficiency

• Rim Space Measurement Survey (floating roof clearances and tank Shell out of roundness) pre-ordering new seals,
to ensure free roof movement through keeping the sealing system effective at all elevations

• Characterizing, Calculation & Detail Design Drawings of external floating roofs as per API-650 Appendix C





One Supplier One Responsability

One Supplier One Responsability